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 The college has a cell to look into the welfare of differently-abled students. The prime objective of this cell is to facilitate equal opportunities to ensure the protection of their rights and to create a congenial environment for their full participation. The cell works to realize the constitutional dream of equal citizenship for all differently-abled persons in the college. The cell also tries to provide a barrier-free environment for physically differently-abled students by ensuring special facilities such as ramps, wheel chair, special toilets, etc. Dr Abdul Sameer PM, of the Department of Economics, is the Convener of the Committee. Members are Sri. Akbar. C, Department of English, Sri. Moideen Kutty  Kanniyath Department of Arabic,  Smt. Sajira. K , Department of Urdu and Mohammed Shahid S, Student’s Representative.



The college has ramps with wheel c hairs for the differently abled students to access to the following areas. Now ramps has been constructed to ensure the mobility of the students in to the ground floors of all buildings. A proposal with detailed estimates has been submitted to the directorate of collegiate education.

                        Ramp to General Library                                                                                PG Block


        Administrative Building                                                                                                    Quadrangle                                                   


                       College Canteen



                      PG Block                                                                                         First Floor


                      First Floor                                                                                   Second Floor




Wash Room for Differently abled Students

Separate toilets are made available  for differently abled students in the ground floor. They are identifiable and accessible and equipped with hand rails and flushing arrangements.

              Wash Room



Learning through Electronic Devices

Non- Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) software has been installed in central library for Visually impaired Students. Relevant e-books of most of the subjects are made available in general library.


Wheel chair at Doorstep