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                                 Grievance Redressal Mechanism

The institution has a well-structured grievance redressal system to address the complaints of students, related to continuous internal evaluation and even grievances related to university results which will be addressed and resolved through this mechanism. A five-tier grievance redressal system runs in the institution.

1.Teacher Level: Teacher in charge addresses the issues pertaining to his/her course. Any grievance regarding valuation, tabulation or internal score is brought in to notice as soon as the answer scripts are distributed. Usually, all cases are resolved at the root level itself and the corrected marks will be officially posted against the name of the student concerned. The students are free to approach subject teachers concerned once the internal assessment marks are published and they get it clarified if any grievances exist.

2.Tutor Level: Tutor maintains a grievance file and attends to the issues of the wards through

personal discussions, thus playing a bridging role between the student and the teacher in charge. A strong and efficient tutorial system runs in all the departments, monitored by the head of the department where the tutor acts as the mentor and guide to his/her students.

3.Department Level: If the problem is left unresolved at the tutor level it is put forth in a departmental meeting headed by the head of the department and the disputes and remedies will be entered in department meeting minutes. If the grievance still persists, it will be forwarded to the grievance redressal cell of the institution.

4.Institutional Level: The institution has a well-functioning grievance redressal cell with the

Principal as chairperson and a senior faculty as the convener, with three faculty as members. If the student is not satisfied with the reparative measures at the department, he/she can file a written complaint to the grievance redressal cell.

5.University Level: University examinations are conducted as per the Calicut University guidelines. Grievances related to external exams like non-receiving of hall tickets, faulty distribution of question papers, results withheld, answer script revaluation, retotalling, photocopying of the answer scripts, providing scribes for the differently-abled students and out of the syllabus in the question paper are forwarded to the university grievance redressal cell with proper guidance and monitoring of the institutional grievance cell. The Registrar or the Controller of the Examination makes the final decision with regard to the examination related grievance at the university level.

Complaint Box :

If students want to register any general or specific complaint without disclosing their identity, they can drop a written complaint in the complaint box. The complaint boxes are lodged at the front office of  the institution by the grievance redressal cell. The faculty in charge makes a primary enquiry to the complaints registered; in order to assure the genuineness of the complaint, especially if the complaint is anonymous. In the next stage, the committee will take an unbiased decision on the issue. 

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College has an active Grievance Redressal Cell as follows


Sri. Ashraf  Panacheri, Dept. of Economics


Sri. Salahuddeen. C.T, Dept. of Malayalam

Smt. Reeja Gopalakrishan Nair, Dept. of Physics

Dr. Safiyya T, Dept. of Arabic