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Commensurate with the directive stated in Order No. U O. NO. 9252/2018 Admn, dated 2/8/2018, the Department of Islamic History at the  Government College Malappuram has been officially recognized as a research department by the University of Calicut.

The Department of Islamic History at Government College Malappuram is a highly esteemed research department that focuses on the study of specialized sub-disciplines within Islamic history. It has made significant achievements in recent years, particularly in the areas of Kerala Muslim History, Mappila Heritage, and literary contributions.

The department has also made in-depth studies on the economic and educational changes among the Muslims of Kerala, the political and social mobility of the Muslims of Kerala, Social Reform movements, and the study of resistance literature against colonial incursions.

The students enrolled in this department are expected to demonstrate competence in the history of Islamic civilization, society, and institutions from the 6th century developments in the Arab region to the Indian sub-continent. They have access to the extensive resources of the college library, as well as the faculty of the social sciences, which provides them with a wealth of information and knowledge.

   The scholars in the department of Islamic history are well-equipped to undertake extensive research in their field and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in Islamic history. The department provides a supportive environment for students and faculty to engage in research, collaborate with colleagues, and participate in conferences and workshops. brief descriptions of two potential research guides:

 Dr.Suleiman V is a renowned expert in Islamic history, with a focus on the social, political, and cultural developments of the Muslim community in India during the colonial period. He has published numerous articles on the subject, and is highly respected in the academic community. As a research guide, Dr. Suleiman V., would provide students with in-depth knowledge of the historical and cultural context of Islamic society in India, and offer guidance in conducting research on the topic.

  Dr. Muhammed Rafeeq is a well-known scholar of Islamic literature and culture, with a focus on women’s studies. He has a keen interest in the role of women in Islamic society, and has published several articles on the subject. As a research guide, Dr. Muhammed Rafeeq would provide students with insights into the study of Islamic literature and culture, and offer guidance in exploring the experiences and perspectives of women in Islamic history. He would also provide students with the tools and techniques necessary to conduct research in this area.

  It is great to hear that the research students in the Department of Islamic History have been successful in publishing articles in reputed journals.

This is a testament to the high quality of their research and their dedication to their academic pursuits. Publishing in reputed journals is a significant achievement, as it showcases their work to a wider audience and adds to the body of knowledge in their field.

In conclusion, the Department of Islamic History is an important hub of academic and intellectual activity, providing students with the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of Islamic history and culture, and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in this field.