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Additional Skill Acquisition Programme

Summer Skill Skool – vacation for vocation

‘Vacations’ were once synonymous to fun and frolic. It was a tranquil time for games, adventures, roaming about with cousins and so on. Nowadays, summer vacations are increasingly becoming a structured episode for students when every attempt is made to guide their energy for productive purposes. In the highly competitive environment, student’s holidays have become a time to hone their skills. Making optimum use of their summer vacations, students now enrol for summer training camps to upgrade their skills that are imperative to stand out in academic as well as career pursuits.

For the Students of final year Higher Secondary & Degree courses, who are looking for an innovative summer course, Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) has come up with “Summer Skill Skool ” with loads of activities and training modules on various skill sectors in pursuing one’s passion. The ‘Summer Skill Skool’ is aimed at students who are on the look out for an immediate job, imparting the requisite skills to help students enhance their employability skills and explore hands-on-experience. ASAP opts for fun and activity based learning, with internships so that a student is properly acquainted with all the experience needed for the job market. ASAP has rolled out a plethora of courses for students during the Annual Summer Vacation of 2015.

This year ASAP aims to conduct the summer skill training with the aid of Govt/Aided. Higher Secondary Schools and colleges under DOT scheme, Training Service Providers under DOAP scheme and Engineering /Polytechnic colleges under the DAT scheme.

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