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Being a Government institution,  the stake holders have a significant role in the various aspects of the development of the college. The stake holders comprise of the students,  teachers , staff , parents , the local  population and their political representatives. There are statutory and non statutory platforms where matters pertaining to New courses, infrastructure and capacity building initiatives are discussed and resolved. The PTA, alumni are important bodies which meet regularly to review and suggest development activities in the college. The students too have a statutory College Union where the aspirations of the students related tocurricular and non-curricular are discussed and brought to the notice of the College Council which is the governing body of the college. The College council consolidates these requirements in the form of plan proposals and are forwarded to the Govt from time to time. In pursuance of the same, there were new courses, buildings and other capacity building inititives iimplemented in the college. The College Union of the students  plays a pivotal role in the development activities of the college.

 The college has the advantage of accessibilty to local representatives and state representatives due to its proximity to district administation. As such, this has a bearing on the capacity nuilding inititives of the college. The college  being  situated in the headquarters of the district  is a nodal institution for the smooth conduct of polls and other democratic exercise of the state.